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Cure and treatment

According to today’s science, cold sore cannot be cured. The virus is so adept in disguising itself in our body, that it cannot be removed. In other words: it disguises itself as a body cell.

The known treatment approaches can be divided into 4 groups:

Pharmaceuticals containing Aciclovir

There are many compounds on the market that have Aciclovir as their active ingredient. They exist in the form of creams or as tablets in high doses. Many of our customers tell us, however, that the active chemical ingredients either have no effect or no longer have any effect on them. What is more, creams and tablets only have a certain shelf life. In case of emergency, it might be too late before you have anything at hand to fight off cold sore.

Disadvantages: Inflexible, and chemicals enter the body.

Laser and heat sticks

Both approaches use heat to fight the virus. These sticks can usually be applied with the same ease as Herpifix. However, their therapeutic success remains unclear. What also remains an open question is to what extent this heat treatment damages the skin.

Disadvantages: Not yet clear if and how they work.

Home remedies

The relevant Internet forums provide a large number of home remedies. The use of such remedies is usually discouraged since their effect is always highly individual and in most cases not medically proven. In some cases, the use of such home remedies can cause massive skin damage.

Disadvantages: Dangerous and no proven medical effect.

Lowering of the pH value using Herpifix

Effectiveness of Herpifix has been proven in multiple studies, which can be downloaded here. The application of Herpifix is easy and especially gentle to the skin. No chemicals are used.

Disadvantages: No known disadvantages.