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What can I do to prevent an outbreak of cold sore?

There is a variety of different factors that trigger an outbreak of cold sore. Frequently, the reason is that the immune system is weakened, e.g. through colds or allergies. In such cases, it helps to strengthen it with a healthy diet, adequate sleep, etc. If cold sore is triggered in you by solar radiation, you must ensure that your lips are protected by an adequate sun protection factor. The only help for outbreaks caused by stress or disgust is to use Herpifix early enough, therefore you should always carry Herpifix with you.

For which types of cold sore can I use Herpifix?

Herpifix is perfect for minor and regular cases of cold sore. Major symptoms covering a large area require medical advice.
Herpifix’s certification as a medical product is exclusively restricted to the lip area. Although other applications are known to us, we are not allowed to promote or recommend them. We strongly discourage to use Herpifix on the eyes.

Herpes labialis is usually caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1), in rare cases also by HSV2. Herpifix is effective in both cases.