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Medical information

Herpes labialis information for doctors, pharmacists and beauticians

Nowadays there are eight known herpes simplex virus strains. The virus that causes cold sore is the HSV-1. Scientists estimate that at least 75% of the population are infected. 20% experience regular symptoms of the disease. This means that there are approx. 16 million cases per year for Germany alone.

After the primary contact, the herpes simplex virus settles in the spinal ganglion. If triggered by certain stimuli, it travels along the nerve pathways to the lips. Under certain circumstances, it will replicate there and cause the reaction today known as cold sore (starting with swelling and redness). Inducing factors are, for example, intense UV radiation, major hormonal changes, psycho-vegetative reactions like disgust or a general immune deficiency caused, for example, by influenza and other infections.

Further reading and application studies

Since the effect of Herpifix is based on a completely innovative principle, there are not yet many publications about “therapeutic lowering of the pH value of the cutis”. Most of the publications listed here, which you can download as a PDF file, are the result of our own research.

At first, we planned to work with nerve stimulation as a therapeutic means. During our research, however, we found that the lowering of the skin’s pH value through a much lower current produces the desired therapeutic effect.