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Order and delivery

In what countries can Herpifix be ordered?

Herpifix can be ordered in all EU countries.

How can I pay my Herpifix?

We offer the following payment options: Pre-payment to our account in Germany or Switzerland. Customers in Germany and European Countries within the EURO-zone can also pay by SEPA direct debit, where we debit the amount from their account.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?

We know some cases where health insurance covers the costs of Herpifix. Please refer directly to your health insurance company for details

How long does it take to get my Herpifix after ordering it online?

We send your Herpifix within one working day after receipt of the order. All deliveries are carried out by Deutsche Post. You should receive your delivery as an oversized letter (“Maxibrief”) after five working days.

How is Herpifix sent?

Your Herpifix is usually sent by mail by the Deutsche Post. With the options pre-payment and direct debit, you receive your delivery as registered mail delivered to mailbox (you don’t have to be at home).

Is there a money back guarantee?

The effectiveness of medical products cannot be guaranteed. A used Herpifix device is hence non-returnable, just like opened packages of medication. If you have any questions in advance with regard to the use of Herpifix, just send us an email.

Where else can I get Herpifix?

You can buy Herpifix online and in pharmacies. If your local pharmacy does not have Herpifix on stock, they can order it (pharmaceutical product number PZN 2200051).

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